Excuse me, can we talk about roundworms?

Ha! Hes so serious about it. Thats because he knows roundworms are very common in our domestic cat population. And you can get them from ingesting your cats feces....mic drop. Yup! Fecal-oral transmission. Our little roundworm starts its life as an egg in some poop. Its eaten by a unsuspecting (and disgusting) animal where it … Continue reading Excuse me, can we talk about roundworms?

I’m scared now. The fox tapeworm.

A few posts back I mentioned an emerging nasty worm in Ontario. This is the fox tapeworm or echinococcus multilocularis (e-kyno-coccus multi-locu-laris). Formerly this parasite was only found in western Canada but recent studies have shown that up to 25% of the wild canid population in Ontario is infected. Ok that's gross, but why is … Continue reading I’m scared now. The fox tapeworm.

This one is about Tapeworms!!!!

aren't they beautiful????? These babies were discovered by yours truly in a canines fecal floatation test. It was thrilling. Thrilling!!! That's because we don't often see these under the microscope. Rather, this icky worm is most often diagnosed when owners see little dried tapeworm segments on poop or stuck to the fur on their pets … Continue reading This one is about Tapeworms!!!!